Lee Robertson always had an interest in helping others but only found his calling when he met an adult support worker and was instantly inspired to leave his retail job. It didn’t sound anything like he had imagined and he was eager to know more about the role. Shortly after, he was successful at an interview and is now in the middle of his SVQ in care.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing the impact I can have when I’m providing support that helps transform someone’s life. One of the people I care for used to refuse to leave his house because his neighbours below him had two big dogs he was scared of. After working with him, he now happily walks past them and occasionally even stops to pet them. This may seem like an insignificant act to some people but knowing how far he’s come is just great.

“Before becoming a care worker, I would’ve assumed the hardest part of the job would be helping the people you support to the toilet but I’ve come to learn that’s one of the easiest tasks. The most challenging part for me is working with people who can get upset from something insignificant and to figure out what triggered this as sometimes they can’t express why they feel this way. Remembering that they’re not upset with me personally and trying to work through and register the emotions is difficult but rewarding when you make a breakthrough and are able to help them stop becoming upset.

“The feeling of making vulnerable people feel supported and like they can trust you is magical. They’re maybe not so afraid or uncertain as they once were and I beam with pride at the little achievements because it’s so rewarding.”

Lee’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“It’s a fun job and no two days are the same. The job becomes a lot easier when you realise your words alone have the power to change lives. All it takes is compassion and empathy.”