Clair Anderson decided to switch career in 2007 as she found working in insurance unrewarding. She wanted a role where she could have a positive impact on people’s lives and worked across several local authorities before eventually becoming Unit Manager at Eskgreen Care Home.

“I’m responsible for overseeing everything at the care home so this can range from managing our budget to putting care plans in place. Over the years, I’ve found that there is no such thing as a typical day in our line of work but the main thing I always make time for is meeting with our residents in the morning. I love spending time with them and they remind you that you’re fortunate to be helping others every day.

“You meet loads of great characters in this job and they have some wonderful stories to tell. They’re so full of wisdom which makes it so interesting to listen to them.

“It can be a challenging job as you build relationships with the people here and it can be tough to see their health deteriorate over time but it’s rewarding to see their smiles each day and know that sometimes by just being there, you’re helping to make someone’s day.

“I’ve always been keen to learn throughout my career and the number of training opportunities in adult social care are endless. It’s a great career to get into. The training is easily accessible and I’m always interested to learn more about my job and to impart that knowledge to my team.

“In order to be successful in social care you need patience, self-confidence, and faith in your colleagues. Good communication, listening skills, and relationship building are important as well. What people don’t realise is that you also need to have thick skin as it can be quite an emotional job and you can’t take things personally.”

Clair’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“Be sure that it is a career you want to get involved in. It’s not an easy ride and it can be draining but there is no career as rewarding as adult social care.

“The public has a misconception that adult social care is just taking people to the toilet and washing them. It is so much more than that. This job is about giving people the support they need to live the best lives they possibly can.”