Sara McGeechan has always been a people person but only found her calling later in life when she became a carer.

She’d initially started her career working at a supermarket before moving to a call centre but has found her passion in adult social care over the past three years and is urging others to do the same.

“I’ve always wanted to help people and earned recognition in my previous jobs for customer service and going out of my way for others. I decided to put this to good use and get into adult social care when I realised a job in a call centre just wasn’t for me.

“I can’t explain the impact it’s had on my life as a whole. I’d recommend anyone to consider a career in adult social care. Looking back I was really miserable in life because of my other jobs but didn’t realise it at the time.

“I’m making a real difference to people’s lives everyday. Don’t get me wrong, you have to be resilient and like any job, it poses its challenges but so long as you’re understanding, calm and empathetic it’s one of the most special jobs going.

“I’ve done things I’d never have had the opportunity to thanks to switching to a career in adult social care. There’s one gentleman I work with that I was able to play a role in saving his life when I noticed he wasn’t right and got him the help he needed. He’s since said it was my actions that gave him the jolt he needed to completely transform his life.

“I’ve also been able to progress really quickly and had a whole host of training available to me which has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally. You’re not just left to your own devices. You get the opportunity to learn so much and put it into practice.

“I’m always on at my friends now to consider adult social care when they moan about their jobs. People think you’re there to just wash and clean but this job has changed my life. No two days are the same.”

Sara’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“You need to want to help people and be compassionate but I would definitely tell people to just go for it. You’ll never look back. If you’re in a job that’s not fulfilling, then make the change.”